Distinguished in the new world

Personal peak performance and a legacy of impact – Smash the status quo.
The valuepreneurship® method has transformed thousands of people and hundreds of organisations, reaching unimagined destinations, results and impacts on customers, people and themselves.
In the new age, valuepreneurs will fly well beyond entrepreneurs, be distinguished and create a ‘legacy of impact’ in everything they do.
This book dramatically reshapes how the world sees, learns and does business and how any individual follows any professional pursuit. It presents a revolutionary methodology in the way that companies and individuals view ‘value’.
The new word, valuepreneurship® will become the viral reference term, replacing the word entrepreneurship.

Includes a complimentary invitation to a webinar

   Valuepreneurs™ fly well beyond entrepreneurs 

They create a legacy of impact
They are trusted, admired, valued and distinguished.

How valuepreneurial™ is your organisation or team ?

Find out

How is Valuepreneurship Delivered?


Peak performance and results

Practical, experiential and transformational – these group programs and individual coaching sessions are dynamizing the talents, potential and immense success of leaders, present and aspirational.

They nurture, amplify and polish you in:

  • Strategic / Professional / Business Leadership
  • People / Interactive Leadership
  • Customer / Market Leadership
  • Personal / Self / Mind Leadership

Fortifying capabilities as well as the mind.

One to three day programs – fully adapted and configured to the organisation or individual, targeting real outcomes.
Also delivered as open public programs.


  Captivating people / inciting change

Thought provoking, challenging, yet entertaining, Sanjeev’s talks at conferences, events and boardroom sessions are transformative by capturing interest and imagination.

His voice as an exceptional orator and storyteller personifies his frameworks, converting practical insights into immediately useable methods and techniques.

A charismatic thought leader, Sanjeev’s immense experience with people and organisations as a leader and shaper, is brought to life with an inspiringly engaging style, igniting change.


 Engineer your destiny – Forge a legacy

A ten day lockout in an idyllic location in Goa or Portugal with only nine other top professionals / leaders.

You emerge

  • Fortified as an exceptional strategic leader and inspirational valuepreneur
  • With an expanded, balanced and available mind
  • Physically rejuvenated and prepared
  • With your ‘Legacy of Impact’ forged
  • Professionally amplified, personally magnified

Already successful, you will now enrich and escalate yourself as an exceptionally inspirational valuepreneur and bringer of significant value to your entire professional and people environment – With your enduring legacy of impact constructed.