These are some of Sanjeev’s senior leader programs.
They can be fully adapted and reconfigured to the organisation or individual’s needs.

Senior Leader Program Categories

People / Interactive Leadership Programs

Amplifying you as a valuepreneurial leader
Inspirational & esteemed, admired & followed

In your people – inspiring and instilling engagement, excitement, creativity, innovation to apply their talent, bring excellent outcomes and achieve personal best.
Unifying everyone and achieving full alignment to serve our market, collaborate and co-operate and take individual and collective responsibility.

Valuepreneurship® programs for people leadership
  1. Inspirational value leadership of people
    Raising people performance for customer, organisation and personal success
  2. Unifying and aligning your team for optimal performance
    A collaborative, co-operative team efficiently operating as one with zero conflict
  3. The one SINGLE trait of a powerful leader
  4. Unifying teams post-merger or acquisition for excellence
  5. The leaders we really perform for
  6. Courageous and inspired leadership
  7. Leadership beats ‘laddership’
    Leading beyond the boundaries of hierarchy, seniority and fear
  8. Leading with a strong, centred and fearless mind
  9. Inspiritual corporate Leadership
    The true understanding of yourself as a leader then leading with excellence
  10. Be the inspirational leader who people want to follow
  11. Win the collaboration and co-operation of your people

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Customer / Market Leadership Programs

Building Trust Capital© Being advertised by customers

These programs will move you from being a vendor, a mere supplier on a list to a strategic, preferred trusted partner in achieving their goals and objectives whether it’s in sales or delivery.

Who would you rather buy from – someone who is trying to sell to you, win your business, get the contract or someone obsessed with your value, your priorities and end gain? Which of these suppliers will you negotiate harder with and which one will you invest in more readily. So the valuepreneur will be wealthier, more respected, trusted and advertised.
On balance, where is your organisation on this scale below ? Be honest:

  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
  • 5
  • 6
  • 7
  • 8
  • 9
  • 10

Selling focusedValue focused

In an increasingly volatile market, all offerings and competition are visible, thanks to technology like Google and social media. In this environment, the excellence and quality of the product or service is a given, a mere starting point. It is not a differentiator. If you want to rise above the pack and be distinguished, your entire organisation has to think differently by understanding true customer value and then responding with products, services and indeed full solutions to serve that value. They will need to build relationships and inspire confidence and trust in their customers.

Valuepreneurship® programs for customer leadership
  1. Building Trust Capital© with your clients
    Not just differentiated but distinguished
  2. Creating a culture of customer value – Valuepreneurship®
  3. Accepted > Admired > Advocated > Advertised by your customers
  4. ‘You’ are the differentiator, more than your products and services
  5. Listening sells – Consultative selling with integrity
  6. Building ace relationships with your customers – loved by your market
  7. Don’t sell, serve – sales will skyrocket

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Personal, Profile & Mind Leadership Programs

Confident, innovative & purposeful
Impactive, convincing communicator

These programs get you to your personal peak performance by unhinging and amplifying the best of you as an individual. You may have great expertise and already reached heights of success. Still, fears, barriers and the state of mind will mitigate that brilliance in your Leadership, execution of your work, the achievement of results, communication, respect and collaboration from others and your personal satisfaction.

Simple, practical and transformational this set of programs bring emotional equilibrium and strength of mind, optimal use of a freed intellect and application of our talents to highest impacts.

Valuepreneurship® programs for personal, profile and mind leadership
  1. Building a personal legacy of impact on your world
    Expanding your ‘sphere of influence’. Be your brand. Recognised, admired and valued
  2. Lead beyond fears and constraints to make a depth of impact
  3. Win the mind win your world
    A mind, fully available to yourself for optimal, actions, reactions and outcomes
  4. Speak with personal impact!
    Shape your executive presence
  5. You have mastered your subject, now master your mind
  6. Conversity©
    Your universe and university of productive conversations

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