• Master Speaker
  • Thought Leader
  • Author
  • Transformationalist

Overview and Vision

  • Architect and author of Valuepreneurship®
  • Winner of the UK National Training Awards 2009
    Judge on UK Business Awards
  • Founder and principal speaker at The Real Potential
    A global training and development organisation, therealpotential.com

With over thirty years of leading global corporations, transforming hundreds of organisations and thousands of people, Sanjeev’s experientially honed methods have brought growth and exceptional results and performance to individuals and businesses, from blue chips to SMEs.

The powerful combination of an insight into people’s emotional make up, as well as business management helps him to achieve transformational shifts in mindsets, performance, personal and business success.

Having turned around companies from different sectors to growth and, he puts people at the centre of success, capitalising on their talents and achieving the best of self, giving them both, the business tool kit as well as the feeling and passion for it.

His vision – The world is tiring of the loss of integrity, the future will belong to people obsessed by bringing real value and they also be much wealthier – it’s not just academic, it’s real!. His mastery of strategy, Leadership, customer relationships, communication and finance, bring a ‘holistic’ and complete development of people towards valuepreneurship.

Examples of results: EBIDTA shift of 27% in 18 months for RR DonnelyEurope; Measured behaviour shifts of senior management at Cognizant of over 35%; Over 550% ROI on training at QBE Insurance…

Client examples

Johnson & Johnson Vodafone Reckitt Benckiser
Cognizant PHCC DOHA Suzuki
Janssen Cilag EsteeLauderQBE RR DonnelyCHANEL
The Landmark Hotels TATA Power. Jaguar Sears


An MBA from Cranfield, accountant and finance graduate, Sanjeev has had honed his coaching and training talent during his management career in multinational corporations as Director of Finance, Marketing, Strategy and as CEO in industrials, IT and service companies based from various worldwide locations. Before embarking on his passion with The Real Potential, he was CEO of a Europe Wide IT software and solutions company based out of Paris.

Corporate leadership career prior to Management Development

Left corporate leadership career in 1997 as CEO of a 5000+ IT company across Europe headed out of Paris. Grew the company from 1200 in three years with a market-driven, people led strategy of innovation.

  • Strategy Director for the same organisation from Amsterdam
  • Finance and Strategy Director for molecular modelling software and R&D company from Strasbourg
  • Director Of Business Economics for a world top two auto parts manufacturer in central Europe
  • Finance head for the same company in the UK

Why this corporate career path

In different industries, functions and countries?

From the outset I had a passion for helping companies, teams and individuals to develop their business, leadership and self-potential. I was able to carve a career path to achieve this goal and I even named my business, The Real Potential, at the age of twenty-one.

However, I believe I have no right to guide or teach people if I haven’t done it and achieved it myself. So, I first worked in leadership roles in corporations, choosing to experience different industries, functions and countries. The achievement of rapid growth and success to the companies and the individuals in them was the honing of my ideology and methods..

Sanjeev’s Valuepreneurship ® methodology and outcomes

The Valuepreneurship® technique was developed and applied during this corporate leadership career and subsequently evolved into an entire ideology, framework and tools which have brought transformative results to client organisations and individuals in the last twenty-three years (see examples below).

Using both EQ and IQ balanced methods to bring out the best in people these techniques are radically practical and immediately applicablewith measurable outcomes

The spheres in which this knowledge and experience are applied by Sanjeev:

  • Strategy – speaking on, coaching and teaching to full facilitation of strategic growth programs.
  • Leadership – market, corporate, business, customer, people and self-leadership.
  • Communication, inter-action and speaking with impact to engage people.
  • Total customer engagement –building Trust Capital© and becoming a valued advisor, serving better and amplifying sales.

Twenty-three years of accomplishment as a transformationalist, facilitator and coach

– Examples:
Top six IT Corporation with 280000 employees

Since 2011 – over 500 people trained and coached from Business Unit Heads managing $500m businesses to Junior managers.

Areas covered:

  • Strategy and strategic thinking, direction and planning
  • Total customer engagement
  • Business development and generating new business
  • Leadership – people management and productivity
  • Communication, presentations and developing executive presence

Contributed to significant RFPs won and over 20% yearly growth for the European business
USD 4.1M business gain from just one of the programmes delivered this year.
Many testimonials and success stories of people promoted and business success

FMCG – World-wide Leading corporation with over forty household brands
Since 2013 – Trained senior management in the Information Strategy area in

  • Total stakeholder management
  • Making IS a strategic enabler of business success
  • Executive Coaching

Contributed to IS productivity and stronger positioning of IS within the corporation and operating companies

Engineering – World leader in tooling, especially torque tools – a German Corporation
Since 2013 – reshaped the corporate strategy + trained the executive management team in strategy and corporate planning.
Innovated new products with great success directly as a result of the programme and thinking developed.
Significant impact on cash generation of the business unit contributing to financial stability of the group
Expanded market share in the last two tears
Rationalised product range by over 40%

Re-Insurancecorporation $20bn USD
Trained over 250 managers/directors in full MDP + sales Significant market share growth attributed to the programmes
Won National Training Award (UK Skills) in the category – bringing the highest ROI on training with a measured 550% ROI within one year in a strategy/Talent development programme.

Medical Devices/Pharma/Consumer Goods Corporations – One of World Largest
Trained over 400 managers and directors in powerful strategic communication and presentations – internal and external (market)
Strong impact on business generation and strengthening the competitive position
Managers were able to sign up large projects and have them resources with great success

Charity for the blind – Over 4000 people
Trained over 200 managers/directors in full MDP
Results – substantial funding secured from the public sector and private
All KPIs improved, e.g. getting blind people into employment….

Print Marketing and DRgroup – a market leader
Trained the executive management team and facilitated a strategic transformation programme over 18 months
The result – 27% EBITDA growth
Trained full salesforce – large contracts won.

Public Seminars – since 1995
Running over 20 seminars a year internationally – notably UK, Europe, Middle East, India, Singapore, Africa
Developed simple but highly effective techniques bringing widespread gains and career growth