The All-Encompassing Valuepreneur
  • Amplified as a strategic value leader (IQ)
  • An elevated mind, freed available and balanced (MQ)
  • Emotions harnessed for accomplishment (EQ)
  • Physically invigorated for longevity and activity (BQ)

Note the retreat dates for 2021 will be announced once it is safe to travel post Covid 19.
If you would like to organise a session for your organisation (ten participants max) – please contact

Eleven attributes shaped on this retreat

The All-Encompassing, Integrated Valuepreneur

Inspirational leader – Admired, valued, adored, followed
Strategic forerunner, Revolutionary innovator
Brilliant communicator, speaker with gravitas and influence
Thought leader – creative and courageous
Outstanding individual brand
Author of a glorious legacy
Physically fit and tireless for longevity
A mind freed and magnificent
Stress free, fear free, barrierless, individual
Architect of a distinguished organisation
Recognised bringer of exceptional value

In a nutshell – The Valuepreneurship Retreat

A nine day luxurious six star location retreat. A total lock out, to ignite the
best in you and your vast potential. You emerge a fortified valuepreneur
equipped for bringing immeasurable value, being distinguished and
building your personal ‘legacy of impact’.

Total potential = intellectual, emotional, mental, physical and spiritual
A holistic intensive program to shape and carve the complete, expansive,
total leader.

Already successful, you will now amplify, enrich and escalate yourself as an
exceptionally inspirational leader, valuepreneur, bringer of great impact to
your entire professional and people environment.

In addition to strategic value leadership of organisations and people you will
fortify, make available and energise the mind as well as the body.

Why this retreat – what it will do for you

You have achieved great success, now let’s attain greatness, and bring immense value to your world. The questions to ask are:
  • What impact can I make on the world, on people, on organisations
  • What will be my legacy of value for others
  • What change, growth and improvement will I have impacted.
  • How do I define my purpose
  • How will I maximise the utilisation of my talent, experience,
    knowledge and build a resolve to bring about this change

This is the destiny of true Valuepreneurs, distinguished and impactful.

To achieve this greatness you will need :
  • Methods and techniques of valuepreneurial strategy and leadership
  • A mind in equilibrium and free of fears concerns and distractions
  • A strengthened emotional make up and intellect
  • Physical strength, energy and capability for longevity
  • A spirit free undisturbed, unbiased or prejudiced but focused with a
    purpose of value and not needing to perform for others
This is why the retreat is a complete shaping of you as a distinguished Valuepreneur. We will work on :
  • The Intellect – sharpening and engaging it fully – IQ
  • The Emotion – harnessing this powerful engine for performance – EQ
  • The Mind – freeing the spirit and balancing the mind – MQ
  • The Physique – preparing and fortifying it for longevity – PQ

Who is it for

  • Experienced senior leaders of organisations
  • Business people who have achieved strong success in the past
  • Professionals and people with advanced personal success – scientists,
    writers, Nobel Laureates, artists…
  • Philanthropists or people engaged in true public service
  • Politicians, leaders and civil servants
  • People who have achieved and are now looking to expand
    themselves beyond their own knowledge of themselves
  • …….

Practicalities of the retreat program

  • Nine full days In a luxurious six star location in India or Portugal,
    incorporating one week and two weekends – excluding travel time
  • Ten participants (maximum) to heighten individual development and
    personalised attention while allowing sufficient interaction with and experiencing from co-participants
  • Sanjeev will conduct at least 30% of the program himself
  • Extremely practical and guided by top experts
    Each day will comprise of:

    • Methodologies & hands on techniques
    • Discussions, constructive debates and pooling of ideas
    • Practice of methods in own reality and simulated situations
    • Contemplation and mind management
    • Physical invigoration – e.g. yoga, total wellbeing and individual guidance
    • Reflection, introspection and personal planning
    • Inspirational, entertaining evenings – the art of life
    • And of-course relaxation and enjoyment

Its individually focused yet inter-active, pragmatic, instantly applicable, inspiring, entertaining, relaxing and transformative

Topics – The Integrated, All-Encompassing Valuepreneur:

Value Leadership – Day 1
  • Becoming an obsessive bring of value
  • Shifting from the ‘me’ world to the ‘you’ world – from doing to bringing, from receiving to delivering
  • Understanding true value of whoever we are serving – customers, hierarchy, shareholders, team members, friend & family, the wider world
  • A respected, followed, admired, advocated and advertised leader
  • Bringing the legacy
Strategic Leadership – Days 1, 2 and 3
  • Designing, shaping and positioning your organisation for exceptional growth
  • Moving the organisation well beyond differentiation to being ‘distinguished’ (think Google, Apple, Toyota, Facebook)
  • Revolution in strategic thinking, planning and implementation
  • Creating a value minded and inspired organisation ready in tomorrow’s world
  • Every individual and every process aligned unquestionably and
    without conflict in the pursuit of valuepreneurship
  • Integrated step by step distilled process for strategy, visions, destinations, routes, actions, resources (including people, capabilities, finances…..) and planned implementation
Inspirational People Leadership – Days 4, 5 and 6
  • Engineering immense growth, utilisation of potential and success of your total people environment TPE (see extract 2 from the book attached) – your hierarchy, team members, colleagues, external partners, family/friends…
  • Firing the
    • Inspiration
    • Creativity
    • Self application and responsibility
    • Co-operation
    • Collaboration
    • Value generation
    • Satisfaction and joy of people in your team
  • Building highly performant teams – envy of the world, pride of your customers (whoever you serve)
  • Alignment of everyone involved – genuinely and sincerely working without conflict and to one shared destination – the ‘point of zero conflict’
Personal, Relationships & Interactive Leadership – Days 7 and 8
  • A persona, a presence – respected for what you stand for
  • The voice people are influenced by, listen to and inspired by
  • A brand exuding coherence, trust and confidence through value
  • A true valuepreneur – living in the integrity of serving
  • Admired, trusted, believed, advocated
  • An ace communicator – convincing and convinced
  • Impactful speaker, credible and incredible, impressive
  • Handle tough people, attitudes and situations with equilibrium, intelligence (logic and emotional), still and strong mind and outcomes
Mind and Emotional Leadership – Each day
  • The mind fired by our emotions is a most powerful engine, Untamed, it can cause havoc but harnessed it propels us
  • Win the mind with the mind and win the world
  • Acting with a freed mind beyond fears, concerns, worries
  • Prejudices and mis-conceptions derail us – listening to and seeing reality
  • Subjective to objective
  • Removing the chains of restraints we put on ourselves
  • People say you are what you eat – but that’s the body. Who you are is what you think – Think well, shape the mind
  • Centering the mind, quietening it and freeing it will make us much more able and productive – meditation and release
  • Relieving ourselves from stress, concerns, fears and other vulnerabilities
  • Evoking and engaging aesthetic senses – be it through, music, art, contemplation….
In-spiritual Leadership – Each day
  • Winning our own respect of ourselves – without the distractions of the ego
  • Setting a higher purpose and the way to make it happen
  • Inner re-structuring of ourselves – achieving deepest fulfilment
  • Moving from the receiving to the giving mode
  • Eliminating dependence – on others, expectations, norms, politics, even wealth – yet becoming wealthier and esteemed
  • Building our personal legacy of bringing immense value in the world
Physical, Body & Energy leadership – Each day
  • For achieving all of this we need to remain physically robust and able, have great and consistent energy and a longevity of fitness
  • Practices beyond pharmaceutical management of our bodies Such as Yoga, ayurveda, nutrition and body well-being
  • Personal profiling and individual solutions for remaining fit, healthy and active with longevity