Audiences remark
  • Pioneering
  • Ground-breaking
  • Transformative
  • Implementable
  • Innovative
  • Inspired
  • Challenging
  • Stimulating
  • Captivating
  • Entertaining

The Speaker – Sanjeev Loomba

Thought provoking, challenging, yet entertaining – Sanjeev’s talks at conferences, events and boardroom sessions are transformative by capturing interest and imagination.
His voice as an exceptional orator and storyteller personifies his frameworks, ideas and practical insights into immediately useable methods and techniques.
A charismatic thought leader, Sanjeev’s immense experience with people and organisations as a leader and shaper, is brought to life with an inspiringly engaging style, igniting change.

With valuepreneurship at the centre of his method, he is refreshingly redressing the status quo. Fearless and challenging in his approach yet deeply caring and modest. The new thinking has seen hundreds of organisations, and thousands of individuals shape their destiny. Be it in business, public service, social welfare, creative domain, sport…
For new ideas to flourish, be valued and implemented, they must be understandable, incontestable, generate energy of reflection and conversation and adopted collectively. Sanjeev’s boardroom sessions and keynotes bring exactly these qualities with valuepreneurship, be it in strategy, Leadership, customer engagement or self-enhancement.

Quotes from clients

How do you combine modesty with such energy and life-changing methods?
I could listen to you for hours.
A leader at Cognizant

In Sanjeev’s presentation, our boardroom was captivated, making notes, even the perpetual sceptics. He is practical, clear, and we have been able to implement it.
A leader at Gedore

Sanjeev deconstructed us, reconstructed us and two weeks later we are working as a united leadership team. It’s unbelievable.
A leader at Vodafone

He hits you between the eyes. I couldn’t even argue with it. It made me reflect deeply, but I was comfortable. It’s made an impact and things have changed.
A leader at Johnson & Johnson

Some recent topics

These are titles of some recent speaking sessions. However, they are always created & tailored to the outcomes an organisation is prioritising.

1. Strategic Leadership topics
  • How valuepreneurial is your organisation today?
    How can you shift it up by 30%
  • Move beyond differentiation to become distinguished, with exceptional results
  • Valuepreneurs fly well beyond entrepreneurs
    Masters of the new age
  • Strategic sense – agility beats complexity
    Strategy simplified and immediately impacting – the ultimate method
  • Reshaping your organisation in a VUCA world
    Triumph in a Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, Ambiguous environment
  • Re-calibrating the organisation’s culture to valuepreneurship®
  • Win the mind win the world
    Building strategic excellence with a centred and available mind
  • The business plan is dead – Long live the business plan
    The business plan in a new world – value inspired and dynamic
2. People Leadership topics
  • Unifying and aligning your team for optimal performance
    A collaborative, co-operative team operating as one without conflict
  • Inspirational value leadership
    Be the leader who you would follow – Championing people’s success
  • The one SINGLE trait of a powerful leader
  • The leaders we really perform for
  • Courageous and Inspired Leadership
  • Unifying a team post-merger or acquisition
  • Leadership beats Laddership
    Leading beyond the boundaries of hierarchy, seniority and fear
  • Leading with a strong, centred and fearless mind
3. Customer Leadership Topics
  • Building Trust Capital© with your clients
    Not just differentiated but distinguished
  • Creating a culture of customer value – Valuepreneurship®
  • Accepted > Admired > Advocated > Advertised
    by your customers
4. Personal Leadership topics
  • Building a personal legacy of impact on your world
    Your brand – admired & valued for what you have influenced
  • Beyond fears and constraints to make a depth of impact
  • Win the mind win your world
    A mind fully available to you for best, actions, reactions and outcomes

Booking Sanjeev to speak

To arrange a speaking session for

  • Keynotes
  • Boardroom sessions
  • Management awaydays
  • Conferences
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Please contact

Ritu Iyer – Programs and Operations Manager

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