Sanjeev Loomba


Distinguished in the new world


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Personal peak performance and a legacy of impact – Smash the status quo.


The valuepreneurship® method has transformed thousands of people and hundreds of organisations, reaching unimagined destinations, results and impacts on customers, people and themselves.

In the new age, valuepreneurs will fly well beyond entrepreneurs, be distinguished and create a ‘legacy of impact’ in everything they do.

This book will dramatically reshape how the world sees, learns and does business and how any individual follows any professional pursuit. It presents a revolutionary methodology in the way that companies and individuals view ‘value’.

A new word, ‘valuepreneurship®‘ will become the viral reference term, replacing the word ‘entrepreneurship’.

The author’s simple, indisputable techniques, thinking, and inspirational ideology has transformed thousands of people and hundreds of organisations in the last twenty-two years, bringing impacts, outcomes and results they had never imagined. It directly challenges the status quo.

The new distilled and honed methodology is now shared, not as a theoretical lecture but an immediately deployable toolkit. It enables and empowers every individual and business to think more strategically, strengthen the mind, release inspirational creativity, structure, establish and grow their business or personal project. They will leave an exceptional legacy of impact on those they have served and in the broader world.
Sounds evangelical? – It’s much more real than that! – It’s transformational!

Valuepreneurship® is a method, a toolkit, a way to be, a mindset and the way forward.
It is believed that ‘entrepreneurs’ are born, I can confirm ‘valuepreneurs’ can be made.

The significant outcomes for the readers of this book

  • Attain beyond objectives set – be it wealth, growth of an organisation, position, results…
  • Build valued relationships and Trust Capital© – be respected, trusted and admired. Deal with people with ease and confidence, be they customers, bosses, teams or personal relationships.
  • Win the collaboration and co-operation of everyone you encounter, beyond conflict.
  • Set a path with re-vitalised personal purpose – work with immense pleasure, build a personal legacy of value impact, live in joy.
  • A fully available ‘mind’ – Deal with every situation with a stilled, centred mind and great personal efficiency – Work and live free of fears and barriers.
  • A strategic mind and thinking – availing opportunities, achieving results beyond limits and constraints imposed by the world or by yourself.

The Style

The author is first and foremost a captivating speaker and has written the book as a conversation with his reader. It is full of real stories which engage, inform readers and build up with a step by step guide through the thinking, methods, examples, models and ‘how-to’ apply the techniques.

The Sections

  1. What is ‘Value’ and ‘Valuepreneurship®‘?
  2. Behavioural Technology – The mind: a powerful friend, a dangerous hindrance – Enable yourself, your work, your business, your life
  3. Value Leadership – Getting the best from people
  4. Unity and Collaboration – Aligned to perform
  5. Building Valued Relationships – Trust Capital with customers and all people
  6. Business and Work Strategy – The Valuepreneurship® Method – models, techniques and toolkit for growth, impact and outcomes

Who should read it

  • Across the globe – every individual engaged in any professional, business, political, creative, public service, charitable, sporting or artistic pursuit.
  • CEOs and all business leaders + Managers/Directors working in organisations.
  • Owners of businesses or people planning to start their enterprise (valueprise).
  • Anyone who wishes the world to work with integrity and wants to make a contributory Impact and create a legacy of value.

About the author – Sanjeev Loomba

Has been transforming individuals and organisations across the globe by speaking, guiding, coaching, facilitating for over twenty-two years with powerful impact and outcomes.
Clients include Cognizant, Johnson & Johnson, Chanel, Reckitt Benckiser, TATA…
Creator of and speaker on programs such as The 5 Day MBA, Value Leadership… delivered globally as public seminars and in-house corporate initiatives Winner of the UK National Training Awards in 2009. A judge on UK Business Awards
Previously CEO of a cross-Europe IT multinational.
Various director positions in other industries. MBA Cranfield. Finance graduate. Accountancy.