Take The Valuepreneurship® quick challenge

Please answer the five questions below on a scale of 1-100 to show the level of Valuepreneurship in your organisation?

But first, to help you here is a simple example of valuepreneurship:

Imagine you enter a computer shop to buy a laptop. The salesman shows you a long shelf of laptops and says, “they are all arranged in increasing price order from left to right, and the more expensive ones have the highest processing speeds, RAM, and storage. But on this one we have a special offer ending tomorrow – it’s 20% discounted and comes with a free printer”.
Is he valuepreneurial? or is he driven by himself, his targets, and products? – Definitely the latter.

A valuepreneurial salesman says, “Let me take you to the most relevant laptops for you. What’s your current laptop like?”… By genuinely understanding my priorities and conversing with me, without a desperate sales style, he discovers that I travel a lot and need something compact and light. At the same time, I like making movies and need high resolution and storage. He now shows me the right product relevant to my value. He is not selling me a product but helping me to be more productive on planes and trains, and also, to easily edit movies and even win a movie-making competition. He is a valuepreneur.

Now score these five basic questions, honestly, about your company or your team:

  1. Everyone in the organisation fully understands the end outcome or impact from your product or service to your customers and even your customer’s customer.
    Your Score/ 100
  2. In every project, plan or action, they start with, are obsessed by and constantly refer to the end gain and impact to the customers.
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  3. In all conversations with customers, whether it is sales, delivery or solving problems, they have a ‘spirit of enquiry’ to fully grasp what the customer is trying to say and achieve. They even listen to the unsaid.
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  4. When things go wrong, instead of protecting and defending themselves, they seek to understand the real issue objectively and caringly and bring solutions proactively.
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  5. Your customers respect your team members as trusted advisors, relying on them to bring unbiased solutions to genuinely serve their value.
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